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Meet A 'Saw Doctor'
Andrew Waugh Hails From Scotland
Unusual City Occupation -
Andrew Waugh, an employee at J. Ethier and Sons, 29 Rollstone Street,
Fitchburg, MA, has perhaps one of the most unusual occupations in the area -
that of a saw doctor. "Dr. Waugh," as he is affectionally called by his co-workers,
was born in Flakirk township, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He studied the art of saw repair
at Stow College in Glasgow and served a seven year apprenticeship before coming
to the United States two years ago. He has been employed by J. Ethier and
Sons for over a year. His occupation as a band saw filer, as it is known
in this country, is one of many skills as evidenced by the extensive
training and apprenticeship. In describing his work, he shows the
enthusiasm and knowledge of a man much skilled at his trade.
Speaking in an intriguing Scottish burr he explains the many facts of
this intricate profession. "A saw doctor, as my trade is known in most
of the European countries, must be able to not only sharpen the
instruments, but at the same time repair chips, cracked blades and
burned or distempered steel." The methods by which each of these
repairs are accomplished are varied, one must be a spot welder,
mathematician and a stickler for details. "One fact that is often
overlooked," he said, "is that a saw blade, Especially a band saw blade
must be perfectly flat and level. If it is not the blade could jam and
break, and serious injury could result." The blade that is being repaired
above, is an industrial piece that is approximately 60 feet in
circumference and six inches in width.
(Fitchburg Sentinel 1962)
Andrew was also employed by Simond International, the oldest cutting tool manufacturer in North America.  He was
selected to be put on a bandsaw experimental team, Drew, along with other craftsmen created different techniques as well as theories on bandsaws to establish what was the most efficient running condition of a bandsaw.
Andrew Waugh left a legacy of craftmanship and knowledge and is now carried on by his son Donald.