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    We specialize in sharpening and maintaining your wide and narrow band saws, circular cordwood saws, chipper knives and cutting knives.  Proper maintanance of your cutting tools will provide you with quality work and service for years to come. 
    When we receive your product, it will be cleaned and inspected, repairs (welding) as needed, swauged, stelite tipped and spring set.  Gulletts will be filed and tooth edged (safe guard). Our accurate grinding machines and quality workmanship guarantees your saws will cut accurately under normal working conditions.  All saw work will be estimated and customer authorization shall be received before work is begun.  Customer shall be responsible for all freight charges.  Local on-site troubleshooting visits are available upon request, please call for pricing. 
    We at Waugh's Bandsaw Service are committed to quality work and outstanding customer service valuing all of our established customers and welcoming new.

 Narrow Bands

 Wide Bands

Narrow band sharpening
including stellite tips.  Sales available. We also manufacture Narrow bands on site.
Wide band sharpening and repair including stellite tips.  Sales available.

 Cordwood Saws

 Chipper Knives

We sharpen most types of chipper knives.
We sharpen circular cordwood saws of all sizes.


       On-Site Troubleshooting

Local site visit available for troubleshooting bandsaw machines.  Call for quote and availability.
Knife sharpening available
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  1. Managing Director

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